Apparel is the top seller for customizable products for a reason. We all must wear clothes, and the appeal of clothing accessories is universal. So, it makes sense to put your logo on products that people wear or carry around with them. We have so many products for you; check them out.

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For example, bandanas are perfect for a giveaway to inspire solidarity or school spirit. Picture all the people in the stands with matching fandanas. Talk about getting your brand noticed! If your company hosts an athletic event like a mud-run or a fitness boot camp, give out cooling neck wraps.

Speaking of swag, one easy (and affordable!) way to get your message out there is to put it on an elastic bracelet. These are ideal for not-for-profits, charities, and schools—an excellent bang for your buck that comes in various widths and colors. Plus, you can give them out in great quantities without needing much space. For example, put them in jars at the registration table at your event. It is so easy, and everyone gets to wear one and keep your message close. Indeed, a winner.

Another way to make the most of your giveaways is to regularly give out accessories that people carry, like a keychain. Practically everyone needs to carry around their keys, so what better way is there to get your business noticed? Give folks something to help them with their daily lives and build brand loyalty. There are so many options to choose from as well. You can order keychains with an engraved surface, as a shape (like a tooth!), or a bottle opener attached. Check them out!

You should also check out all of the options for lanyards. A keychain may be the best accessory for someone in their personal life; the lanyard is the best choice for work. Nowadays, everyone needs to consider security in their day-to-day operations, and identifying people is essential. And take advantage of the opportunity to have your brand stand out with various colors and styles and, even better, functions. Additionally, these are ideal for corporate events or comicons. Give them out to every attendee. It’s a helpful tool and a keepsake. It’s a win-win.

Wallets and cases are part of everyone’s routine when walking out the door to work. And speaking of routines, checking in at the security desk or swiping your ID card is more manageable with accessories. And one of the best items to help with your security protocols is the retractable badge holder. There are many options. For example, some styles attach it to a belt loop, bag, or pocket, so when you need your credential or small tool, the cord stretches out quickly and then retracts. Some of them are engraved, and some have bright colors. Check them out and see what style works best for your business.

Personalize and customize items that everyone loves to keep with them all the time, and that’s why it’s a no-brainer to put your logo on apparel.