Custom lanyards printed with logo are an essential accessory for displaying IDs and badges or keeping track of important sets of keys on a sturdy clip. Famously popular, customized lanyards can match any apparel or represent your organization at any level. Stick out your neck and put on your very own branded lanyard.

You probably have seen more of these custom items today than you realize. These popular products are everywhere in today’s world. From schools to offices and probably part of your daily chore list, they are essential in keeping offices secure and employees verified. Most importantly? Your company’s marketing success! Create custom lanyards to fit a multitude of promotional goals.

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Customize lanyards with safety in mind

Design a Breakaway Lanyard with your company colors to use as a marketing tool at your next big event or business conference. With your name silk screened onto a vibrant strap, you will find that your logo will reach a far wider audience than just the person wearing your product. When used as a giveaway gift at various corporate gatherings, you will achieve a level of approachability and kinship that would otherwise be hard to find.

Everyone likes to be part of something. Allowing potential customers to become part of yours with something as simple as customized swag can reap significant returns on your investment. Keep your overhead low and your brand visibility high with safety accessories that can become everyday wear!

No one will go home with empty hands. Instead, they will remember the positive interaction with your business and love the personalized badge holders they use daily. Your customer loyalty now has incredible growth potential!

Excel with custom lanyards designed for the workspace

One of the places these promotional items excel is within the office. In most organizations, the need for positive identification has become a necessity. However, paired with the electronic abilities of a USB C Charging Cable with Lanyard, you will be reaping technological, safety, and productivity rewards!

Furthermore, the charging cable connected to this custom strap works with a wide range of devices, with the addition of three different attachments. Transfer data and quickly charge essential devices with ease and simplicity via the attached USB drives. This quality multi-use tool makes smooth and effortless communication attainable, with your brand easily identifiable on the strap while being worn.

Wear lanyards for everyday use

Users can attach other lightweight items for quick access badge holders to make life easier. Pick from durable clips or hook attachments that allow this lanyard to clip small items to a purse or wallets for stylish and handy accessories.

From concerts to whistles, these can carry VIP passes or display different types of credentials for various events.

Improve your workplace rating with woven lanyards

Moreover, by giving away branded products within the office space, personnel can wear their ID badges hands-free. Staff members can do more, and increased safety will be a natural byproduct. These promo products can also help secure badge reels with a clip mechanism that keeps credentials easily viewable. Customized badge holders are essential for workplace efficiency and security.

While wearing one of your personalized gifts, your employees will also help instill more company confidence in your customers. Businesses that send employees away from the office to make service calls and other home visits will reassure customers with imprinted breakaway lanyards, like our Customized Safety Lanyard. Workplace efficiency and safety remain high, and as a result, you enjoy excellent brand awareness.

On top of that, the narrow dimensions create a functional and professional look. This lanyard is cut into one of the most comfortable proportions and, as a result, is a perfect canvas for your logo or business name. Use it as an office giveaway or as part of a more significant swag giveaway event.

The breakaway features of this lanyard keep the clip from getting caught in workplace hazards. As a result, this custom lanyard is suitable for work and play.

Available to order in bulk, your customized neck cords will help you succeed. Company branding during seminars and other business events will become seamless. You will be able to promote event managers or spotlight sponsorships. This a hot way to keep your marketing budget at a minimum while still benefiting from free ad space on anyone who wears your lanyard as part of their apparel.

Additionally, the office will have extra flexibility to meet identification and security standards. Your client to employee relationships can reach greater company confidence with an attractive and functional badge holder.

Overall, your business can experience a greater level of efficiency! Your customized lanyards will be an ongoing and irreplaceable way to keep your company’s logo at the forefront as a result. At this current price, you can’t go wrong with creating woven lanyards that can serve as a teacher lanyard or even as a phone lanyard.

Customization is easy

Some straps are thin enough that gift recipients can continue customizing their badge holders into beaded lanyards. The sturdy clip options on these free up hands and provide convenient places to hang pens or car keys other than on a belt loop. Even when used as a card holder, these will keep the focus on your company brand.

Moreover, use the durable qualities of woven materials for a customized phone strap that easily attaches to a phone case. Or, keep an identification badge within reach at all times. You won’t find better holders with as many options anywhere. With reasonable production times and an easy-to-use ordering platform, these custom gifts will be ready in no time.

A stylish way to keep track of car keys

With so many options for colors, from dark green, orange, and yellow to everything in between (even lime green!), lanyard badge holders are the perfect way to keep your logo on everyday wear accessories.

Keep track of all the most essential items, with styles made specifically with rings for keys. Other designs offer attached hooks, clips, and basic hardware that connect easily to bags or pockets. Beaded lanyards are one of the most popular ways to carry keys and other small items. 

Made from fabrics like polyester, cotton, and more, grab your customers’ attention and help them identify with your company. People will love the opportunity to wear and identify with your company!

Shop for a unique ID badge custom lanyard today

See what other promotional products can do for your business. Shop here today and mark it on your calendars as the day your company puts its stamp on promotional success. Make your order of custom lanyards printed with logo NOW!