Custom wristbands are a great way to share a common goal—messages of encouragement or your brand pop against our various color choices. Schools and charities have so much to gain when they use apparel like these as their promotional products. Unlike other jewelry, the stretchy material is super comfortable. Whatever your event, product launch, or business, take advantage of the opportunity to give one out to everyone. Check it out.

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They come in a variety of widths. A wider size is a little more athletic and narrower for kids; put your design on all three and give people a choice. Plus, they don’t use metal crimps. Sewn together makes them more comfortable. Choose a one or full-color design – that wraps all the way around – and make the most of this popular promotional product. 

custom wristband narrow is perfect for dance schools and building school spirit. Their size is great for young people. With that in mind, they are ideal for camps – both day camps and overnight. Use them to distinguish different groups, teams, or sessions. Additionally, one of the best things about these products is how easy it is to carry them around and store them under a table or desk, ready to distribute. They are affordable enough to design different ones every year. The size makes is possible to wear more than one. And you know how young people like to collect things. Make your flexible wristbands the thing they look for! 

If you have an event for families and you need to accommodate the masses, then the personalized medium wristband is the go-to size for you. Put your message on these custom wristbands at places like charity events and company picnics.  Everyone loves to get and display their support for a cause or solidarity in the name of team spirit. The imprint size is ¾”, making it a nice in-between place for your design. Bring them to your next trade show or include them in a swag bag for everyone who registers for the convention.  

Are you shopping for an eye-catcher, then check out our customized wristband wide. The imprint area is almost a full 1 inch. They are perfect for a product launch or a new gym franchise. It has an athletic feel to them. They are ideal to give out to everyone at the golf tournament or softball charity game.  

Bring everyone together with a message, and the best part, your brand is the thing that does it. Indeed, an excellent way to build brand loyalty. And the best part, check out the prices! Everyone loves to feel that they are a part of something, and when t-shirts are out of range for your budget, these are a great solution. Better yet, if you do have t-shirts as part of your swag collection, add these to your giveaways and impress everyone with your knack for details. 

Giving out apparel with your logo or message on them is a perfect plan to take advantage of the benefits of using promotional products. Firstly, the price makes it possible for you to give them out to everyone and then some. Secondly, your message is on their wrist all day when you give these to someone. Thirdly, people love to get a freebie. Make connections with your customers and build brand loyalty. Just think, all of this from just starting with one of our custom wristbands! Check out all of the possibilities to get your brand out there with Propermark.