Custom cell phone stands are the promotional tech accessory that everyone needs but doesn’t know it yet! Help your customers use their electronics to their full potential with these nifty cellphone accessories. Customize your own version of branded smartphone stands with your company’s logo now.

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A cell phone stand holder is a trendy and unique way to prop smartphones up for a hands-free user experience. Why hold the device when it can hold itself? With a customized stand imprinted with your company’s logo or message, the number of times the phone needs to be picked up will be decreased. Help your customers keep their phones handy without making it harder for them to reach them.

Cell phone desk stands keep smartphones propped up, so a quick swipe or tap will quickly open the device. Creating the perfect angle for viewing, these stands also help the user to decide which notification alerts require immediate attention. As a result, efficiency increases, and smartphones can help rather than impede daily progress.

Furthermore, these stands alleviate the accidents that can occur when using coffee mugs or picture frames as makeshift supports to prop cellphones against. Your giveaway recipients can watch their favorite shows, read that mystery thriller they downloaded months ago, and catch up with their favorite YouTuber with complete peace of mind. Their smartphone will stay put, safe and secure. No mishaps allowed!

Our best-selling Phone Kickstand is a customizable win. Use this cellphone accessory as the ultimate branded giveaway gift. Unlike many other models, this kickstand fits all manufacturers and models of phones.

You can easily match your branding look with several premium colors. The silicone is easy to clean and attach to the intended device with a gentle, yet strong adhesive.

This kickstand allows the smartphone to be used either horizontally or vertically. As a result, devices instantly transform into mini viewing screens or tablets.

Not only does this stand offer a wide range of uses for the smartphone it is adhered to, but it also serves as a mini wallet. With several secure slots, the stand provides enough spaces to slide essential cards. Driver’s licenses, room keys, or bank cards will always be available and within close reach.

That’s not all! The kickstand doubles as storage space! Styled like a bike’s kickstand, this handy prop is a breeze to flip open and set up on any flat surface. When not in use, the leg of the stand creates a perfect space to wrap the cords of audio headphones. Neat and organized storage for a desk cell phone stand!

Your company’s brand will remain bright and in the spotlight regardless of how this stand is used. The imprint area on the face of the stand’s leg is expansive, situated at the focal point of this promotional accessory.

Additionally, the Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand is another excellent option for creating exclusively customized cellphone accessories. Unique and literally designed to stay in people’s hands, this ring holder will generate attention for your brand.

These neat holders will appeal to teenagers, young adults, and beyond. They are perfect for school functions and to show support for sports teams. Users can securely hold their smartphones while they post updates to their social media accounts, write text messages and make phone calls.  The ring holder creates a convenient and comfortable handle that can handle those smartphones that are sometimes slippery!

Users can conveniently prop their phones up to take part in family zoom calls or ping into business team meetings. The opportunities are endless when a smartphone can become a standalone item.

Give this personalized ring holder away at corporate events, business meetings, and trade fairs. People will naturally gravitate towards a product that will enhance their daily lives. Plus, tech accessories are always a great promotional idea!

Keep browsing our huge selection of corporate merchandise that can propel your company’s logo to the next level. Allow your brand to work harder for you outside the office and create those positive connections with your company name. Personalize your bulk order of custom cell phone stands now!