Personalized decor in and around your home and garden are the small details that impress everyone. When it comes to choosing your next promotional product, you can’t go wrong with small items that folks can enjoy at home or at the office. Build your business with items that stand out and highlight your logo. Promotional products are a great way to build brand loyalty or school spirit. And we have just the perfect items for you.

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One of our favorite products is a tried and true winner. When you want to raise you’re the bar of your giveaway game, consider this… It has a face that never frowns. Or that has hands but never claps. That’s right! Put your design on the face of one of our clocks and keep everyone’s eyes on your business. There are so many styles to choose from; whatever your aesthetic, the brushed metal frame complements almost any decor.

Consider putting one of these in every community space in an office building. Or even better, every classroom in a school building. Talk about attention to detail!

Speaking of details, another absolute staple in every kitchen is the simple magnetic clip. At home, they are a perfect accessory to highlight the latest elementary art class masterpiece or the family calendar. Come to think of it; any office can use one for their event calendar in the community kitchen, too! With so many eye-catching colors (and a few shapes, too!), the hardest decision will be to decide which ones to get for your business. And the best thing about our refrigerator magnets is the price.

Customize fridge magnets for your next marketing strategy. They are fun, colorful, and, best of all, useful. Additionally, they are universally appealing. Talk about a winning choice that ticks off all the boxes for a great promotional product. Check out all of your options and give them out to everyone on your list.

Another great benefit is the convenience of how small they are, which makes them so easy to tote around. Salespeople can keep a box in their trunk and be able to hand them out to a lot of people they encounter without hassle. Indeed, there are so many reasons to make these your number-one choice!

Speaking of kitchens, if you still have room in your marketing budget, consider checking out our cleaning supplies. The microfiber cloths we offer are another product with universal appeal. And with a terrific price point as well. You can consider pairing a cloth with a magnet as a set. Talk about making a great impression. Keep your brand in their pockets or on their desk as well as every time they go to the refrigerator. Actually, magnetic clips are ideal in any file room, too. With a cloth at the ready for screen cleaning and the various clips you give away, your brand is front and center – all day. Talk about a deep reach!

The benefits of promotional products are far-reaching and proven effective. When you can make the most of your marketing dollars with items that people love to get, you can’t lose. And when what you giveaway makes their daily tasks a little easier, you are giving people a great reason to love your brand and come back to your business again and again.

As you can see, there are so many different options for you to make a thoughtful impact on everyone who has the chance to get one of these giveaways. Take a look at all the possibilities in the catalog and make the most of all that we have to offer. Get your brand out there and noticed with our products!