Promotional kitchen and dining options for your next customized product are a no-brainer. Giving away items that are universally used and liked is always a great way to go for so many reasons. For example, anything that folks bring to all aspects of their lives at home, in the car, or at the office is a winner. Plus, make choices that are portable and easy to carry for trade shows or corporate events. Small, colorful, and compact are the reasons enough to make this decision so easy for you, but wait, take a look at the prices! Truly, we have what you are looking for.

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For example, consider one of the most popular giveaways because any kitchen can use them, bag clips. As a matter of fact, they aren’t just used in the kitchen either. All of our clips have a convenient magnetic backing. Can you imagine a community refrigerator at the office without a handy clip for messages and memos? Use them at home, too. They are perfect for highlighting report cards and drawings kids made or keeping the latest event invitation front and center. And what else is front and center? Your brand. Your logo will pop against the bright colors we have to offer. By the way, check out the personalized chip clip house-shaped magnets. These are perfect for real estate firms or property management businesses. In fact, anything that conveys the happiness a home can bring is ideal for your brand. And did we mention the fantastic price point?

Speaking of stretching your marketing dollars, check out these lunch boxes for so many uses.Nowadays, keeping reusable bags of all sizes is the norm. After all, everyone wants to do their part for the environment, and our bags fit the bill. First, we have custom insulated cooler bags for your grocery trips or picnics. With a 10-inch gusset bottom, you can fit a whole lot of good stuff for your folks wherever your destination. In fact, all the details these bags have are great, like the small pocket in the front, a zipper close, and the people lucky enough to get one will know that you pay attention to details. And did we mention they are not only reusable but they totally recyclable, too.

Also, check out our smaller, personalized lunch bags. A promotional lunch bag is a perfect opportunity to highlight your brand on something that people will carry and keep with them on a daily basis. Talk about a return on your investment. Everyone looks forward to lunch!

Another fantastic option is our reusable water bottles – everyone needs to stay hydrated. Put your logo on these and give them out to everyone. There are so many places these will come in handy. For instance, these are great for schools and sports organizations. Keep the school spirit going when everyone on the field has the same gear. Better yet, make it part of the uniform. There’s a white space on one side to label it, so it’s easy to keep track of – did we mention that we love good details? And when they aren’t used at school, parents can keep these in the car, and when they the kids finish their drink, it conveniently collapses and keeps the bulky empty water bottle problem at bay. Talk about a winner!

With all of the options available in our kitchen and dining pages to make the most out of promotional products, all your swag needs are met. Put your logo, slogan, design on any number of these to keep your budget in check and make all of your customers smile. It’s a win-win.

As a matter of fact, all of our corporate products will garner smiles all around, so check them out.