Custom water bottles are an excellent way to get your company noticed! Put your logo on personalized water bottles and care for the earth at the same time. Your company’s commitment to green living will not be overlooked!

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More and more people are deciding to forgo plastic bottles and use something sustainable and reusable. All kinds of home and garden products are seeing an increase in eco-friendly options, not just drinkware. Custom water bottles continue to enjoy immense popularity.

With the alarming statistics that outline how long (up to 1,000 years) it takes for a plastic bottle to break down, it is no wonder that reusable alternatives are climbing the ladder of popularity.

However, it remains that drinking several glasses of water every day is essential to our daily health. H2O is crucial to our everyday, busy lives. That said, there is a huge demand to provide an alternative to plastic.

Here is where reusable bottles get to take center stage! Not only are they good for the environment, but they are efficient and affordable. Everyone has a bottle they prefer to take to work, the gym, or to stay hydrated in the car.

Herein lies a tremendous marketing opportunity for you! One of the most commonly used kitchen and dining items, water containers present a unique medium on which to put your brand. It is nearly foolproof. Everyone needs to transport their drinks. If you provide a trendy bottle option, your brand gets a major boost every time someone takes a sip!

All sorts of different materials make up the family of reusable bottles. BPA-free plastics, aluminum, glass, and stainless steel are all common. Each type of material provides unique elements. Many offer insulation properties as well.

Some types use foam insulation, creating a cup that can keep drinks hot and cold for several hours. Some use vacuum insulation to keep liquid cold for up to fifteen hours!

For instance, check out this custom water bottle with logo that pairs cutting edge technology with style and convenience! This Hydro Flask® cup not only promotes eco-friendly practices, but it also fits into the daily lives of anyone who receives one.

With the large 32 oz opening and an ergonomic carrying handle, this container can easily transition from the gym to an office desk. The spin top lid also ensures that there are never watery mishaps or coffee stains on the graded papers!

With its smooth powder coated finish and top quality feel, your logo will stand out in the crowd. This custom bottle can keep cold drinks icy for up to 24 hours. Hot beverages will stay at optimum temperatures for 12 hours.

Another great option that fulfills the need for high-end drinkware is the stainless steel tumbler custom that melds form and function into a highly stylish gift. With an iconic look that has become increasingly popular, this promo product impresses.

With a versatile shape that can be easily carried or transported in a car’s cupholder, this drinking cup will always stay in style. Equally capable of containing morning protein drinks, ice water during the day, or an extra special beverage in the evening, this tumbler can maintain temperatures for extended amounts of time.

Featuring stainless steel construction with the Hydro Flask® insulation technology, this tumbler can keep 20 oz of liquid cold for up to 24 hours. At the same time, maintaining hot beverages is no problem for up to 6 hours.

Check out the custom coffee travel mugs as another attractive advertising item. These stainless steel mugs can be engraved with your logo or message for a gift that is supremely unique and undeniably useful. You can print your company name or message on these mugs to achieve a different look.

With a sturdy handle and vibrant coloring, these mugs are available in Pacific and Black. Either option will set your logo off with pizazz and style. These mugs come in a unique and practical 12 oz size. This size will keep a regular sized cup of coffee or tea at the perfect temperatures for hours on end.

Give these attractive mugs away at trade shows, corporate events, and business conferences. Your company name will be remembered as a business with a sophisticated gifting strategy as a result. What a great way to build connections and forge branding impressions with new colleagues or customers!

Then some options are much more portable. For instance, this promotional collapsible water bottle is an excellent way to keep your logo visible and on the go with anyone associated with your business.

This bottle reigns supreme when it comes to a product that can be used in every situation. It can be folded and easily stored flat in backpacks or purses to pull out when needed. Your gift recipients can keep these in their cars for emergencies or even an impromptu hike.

These make great giveaway products to hand out at school sports or community family events. With many colorful options for the main body color and a large imprint area, your logo will command the attention of all the event attendees.

With an 18-ounce capacity and made from nylon and polyethylene, this bottle has a blank strip on which people can write their names. As a result, your gift recipients will appreciate the attention to detail this promo product clearly illustrates.

In one corner, there is a sturdy metal carabiner making this an ultimately helpful accessory to take to games, and any event where staying hydrated is essential. A drinking spout takes up the other corner, and a handy little lid keeps the contents secure.

Furthermore, custom insulated water bottles are another supremely convenient and portable water bottle to use as one of your premier promotional products.

With the option to engrave or print your name on the smooth powder coated surface, these insulated containers give off some major sustainably living vibes. Anyone who receives this business gift from you will love being able to contribute to eco-friendly practices by using this bottle over and over again.

It features a wide-mouth top and is extraordinarily easy to fill and drink from. Similarly, when it is time to clean, the wide opening allows easy access. Hand wash the interior and exterior of this portable bottle with ultimate convenience!

The 20 oz capacity of this bottle also fits under most coffee pots making this a promo gift that will become indispensable. The BPA-free construction brings home the healthy living aspect this bottle offers. What a great way to represent your company!

Another excellent option is the personalized stainless steel water bottles that turn TempShield™ technology into a marvelous piece of drinkware. Boasting all the benefits of the Hydro Flask® brand with a perfect 21 oz size, this is a daily accessory that will become a daily travel companion. No matter what may lie ahead for the day, this eye-catching reusable water bottle will step up when it comes to staying hydrated.

Your gift recipients will keep this promo product on their desks and in their cars. Additionally, it is the perfect portable size and performs just as it should, keeping cold beverages cold for 24 hours. Plus, hot drinks will stay hot for 12 hours.

The standard-sized opening on this container makes drinking, filling, and cleaning a breeze. The flex cap keeps spills and leaks at bay. As always, the high-quality powder coated finish creates a pleasant surface to hold.

When choosing the right promotional items to represent your business, Propermark has the solution. Start your bulk order of custom water bottles today!