Custom cooling towels with logo can take care of sweaty situations, all while keeping your company’s brand visible! Shop in bulk and keep the buzz around your brand hot. Put your logo on the best available athletic neck wraps and towels. Spread awareness for your brand!

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Custom cooling towels with logo are a sporting goods staple item. Everyone loves their hobbies. When your company shows that you support interests outside the workplace, positive connections with your brand can increase tenfold!

Take the initiative and design sporting equipment that is functional, durable, and stylish! Not only will people love that your company is taking an interest in their extracurricular activities, but they will also associate your brand with quality.

Connect with your audience and motivate them to take advantage of your goods and services. Choose from many bright options of colors and styles to customize your perfect giveaway.

There is no doubt that when existing clients and potential customers alike use your personalized sporting swag, they will remember your name. As a result, they will come back to your business.

Take a look at this 12×30 neck cooling towel that offers a full color imprint. One of the premier offerings in sporting accessories, this towel will be a favorite among your gift recipients.

This cloth stays in a class of its own with many distinct features. It is equally comfortable to use whether it is wet or dry. Soak the cloth in cold water, wring it out and drape it over the face or around the neck. Wherever it is placed is instantly cooled and refreshed.

While damp, it can even be used as a headband to catch sweat before it rolls into the eyes, possibly affecting a decisive move during a game. Or, in the same fashion, smooth it into place to keep hair strands from affecting vision and focus.

When used dry, it can not only serve as a headwrap, but it can double as a belt or an armband. Teams will love showing solidarity and team spirit with matching armbands and headband swag.

In every moment, your logo or design will always be broadcasted in full color brilliance for everyone to see. What an effective way of showcasing your brand!

Another option is this custom golf towel which will represent your company in a big way while out on the fairway. The absorbent and soft microfiber cloth can work both as a toweling accessory to keep players sweat-free and dry or as an equipment maintenance tool.

The soft loops in the fabric are gentle enough to use as a sweat rag and can swipe the sweat off the skin without running the risk of irritating the user. Use it to wipe off hands and make sure they are dry and clean for maximum grip quality. 

Conversely, use this micro fiber cloth to keep sporting gear maintained and clean. Use it during the game or afterward! The versatility of this cloth will secure its position as a must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys fresh air and a good round of golf.

Another option to customize a useful and memorable promotional product is the jumbo-sized cooling towel in bulk. This is a great tool to increase awareness for your brand as it offers a larger-than-average imprint area on a huge, soft towel.

This is a luxury sporting item that your gift recipients will love having around after a hard workout. Highly absorbent due to the tiny loops that make up this microfiber material, this is an exercising cloth that users will make sure is always in their gym bag.

Keep your important people calm and cool with this cooling towel that will offer instant relief. Meanwhile, you can keep showcasing your company name—order in bulk to give away at trade shows and job fairs. You can also include this as a freebie gift for new membership sign-ups at your gym, spa, wellness center, or sports club!

Create an exclusive design to sponsor a community fun run. You can even show your support for youth teams in your area. There is no doubt that your company will reap the benefits wherever you decide to hand out these branded towels.

Another excellent promotional option is a fun and desirable take on the traditional cooling towel. The cooling neck wrap has a unique design and is made from the best material. This is a sporting accessory that will attract attention!

Offering extreme versatility in how it can be worn and used, this neck wrap looks and feels good, whether wet or dry! The whole purpose behind a cooling wrap is to lower body temperature during or after strenuous activity. Dunk it in water and use it around the neck or as a headband to instantly provide cool relief.

Don’t worry about too much sweat. This promo gift is machine washable and easy to care for after it has worked hard to keep its user at optimal temperatures.

Take advantage of the widespread visibility of such an accessory! Imprint your logo in full-color sublimation printing on this neck wrap. Your company will be fully visible and totally noticeable!

You can also choose to customize a cooling towel fold up with carabiner. This ultra-convenient towel will become a mainstay in gym and sports equipment bags. It will be the first pick to go on mountain adventures and long hikes. Why? This cloth folds up in a detachable pouch that also features the attachment abilities of a high quality metal carabiner.

Boasting all the incredible absorbent properties of a microfiber cooling towel, this accessory offers extreme versatility. It can clip onto a belt to stay nearby during an intense game of football. It can also attach to a backpack on a mountain biking excursion.

The cloth is soft and gentle, with the ability to be used wet or dry. This is a customized towel that will make a difference. It is easy to clean and offers a sizeable imprint space. With many color choices, you can create a perfectly personalized cloth that matches your brand identity flawlessly.

Don’t wait any longer! Start designing your perfect promotional product online and get excited about increased brand awareness for your company.  Bulk order your custom cooling towels with logo immediately!